Name: Skyler Poore
High School: Conrad School of Science
Graduation Year: 2018
High School Coach: Monica Malen
Email: monica.corrigan@redclay.k12.de.us
Cell: 302.220.7927
Assistant High School Coach: AJ Nowell
Email: ajnowell@msn.com
Cell: 302.528.3102

Travel Coach: Vince Clemons
Email: oc18ublack@gmail.com

Positions: SS/2B/3B/OF
Throw: R
Bat: R

Freshman GPA: 4.6
Sophomore GPA: 4.7
Junior GPA: 4.7

Goals: I would like to study Biochemistry in college to become a
doctor, as well as continuing my career as a student athlete

Interests: I play travel softball and study science related classes
such as AP Biology, AP Chemistry, AP Physics, and AP Psychology

High School Achievements:
Sophomore year: 2nd Team All-Conference
Junior year: MVP, however a school dropped out of our conference, so
we didn't have awards this year.
Academic All-Conference (Freshman/Sophomore/Junior)
Batting Average: .386

Travel Ball Experience:
18U Midway Motion-2 years

Player Information: Skyler Poore #99
Email: skylerpoore17@gmail.com

Parents Information:
Mother: Bonnie Mace
Email: bonnie.mace1@yahoo.com
Cell: 302.332.9297

Father: William Poore
Email: william.m.poore@gmail.com