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Committed to Bloomsburg University
Name: Paige Thomas
Graduation Year: 2018
High School: St. Mark's High School
High School Coach: Shustine Brooks

GPA: 3.3/4.0

Travel Coach: Jim Hayes
Phone: 610.724.6835

Positions: C/1B/3B
Throw/Bats: R/R

CaptainU Profile:

Freshman: 2nd Team All-Catholic Conference 
Sophomore: 1st Team All-Catholic Conference 
Led team: Walks, Singles, Doubles and Homeruns

I enjoy Watching sports, traveling, and helping my schools

Coach Endorsement:
Athletic Ability: 10/10
Leadership: 10/10
Team Player: 10/10
Easy to work with: 10/10

Ability: Paige is one of the strongest players in out program both on
offense and defense. She started for us as a freshman. She is a great
hitter therefore she typically bats 3 0r 4 in the line up. Paige 
typically hits for power and already has a home run this season (4 games
in) but she also is a solid line drive hitter. On defense she is our
starting catcher but can also be utilized at 1st base. She brings a lot
of experience to the table and understands the mental aspect of
softball. She is a huge asset to us.

Personality: Paige is a leader, always on time for games/practices,
wants to learn, dedicated to the program in season and out of 
season. She is a very coachable player and is the type of kid every coach loves to have in their program. Not only is she extremely easy to work
with, but she has a great passion for the game.

Previous travel ball:
16U Orange Crush