Name: Mallory Weir
High School:Appoquinimink High School
Graduation Year: 2019
High School Coach: Brian Timpson
Cell# 302.740.6342

Travel Coach: Vince Clemons

Positions: C/1B 
Throw: R
Bat: R

Freshman Year 4.2
Sophmore Year: 4.0

My goal is to go to college and play softball. Softball has been an
integral part of my life for 10 years.I want to play softball as
long as I can because I love the challenge, competition, and the
opportunity to improve. I am a determined person, who does 
not give up, who wants the ball, to be the one to make the play. I 
I want people to trust me with the ball. In college, I would like
to study American sign language and become fluent. My acaedemic 
strengths are that I hold high expectations of myself. I need to
get good grades, so I create good study habits and take it upon myself
to not slack off. Some things I would like to get out of college are
leadership skills, experience, being able to meet a diverse group
of people, and broaden my horizans. 

I also play field hockey for high school and a travel team
called "Northbay". In college, along with American Sign Language, 
In college, along with American Sign Language, I would like to study

High School Softball Achievements:
2016 Softball Season: 2nd Team All-Conference, 
2016 Rookie of the Year
2017 Softball Season: 1st Team All-Conference, Honorable Mention
General Stats: 
BA: .484
AB: 64R: 
R: 17
Hits: 31
2B: 11
3B: 3
BB: 4
Team Record: 16-4

Travel Ball Experience:
2010: Delaware Magic 10U
2011: Delaware Magic
2012-2013: Delaware Cobras 12U
2014: Delaware Cobras 14U
2015: Delaware Cobras 16U
2017: Orange Crush 18U Black

Player Information:

Parents Information: 
Mother: Megan King

Father: Scott Clark