Name: Joycelyn Phillips
Graduation Year: 2018
High School: Archmere Academy
High School Coach: Dan Pisani

Travel Coach: Jim Hayes
Phone: 610.724.6835

High School GPA: 4.5

Positions: 2B/OF/SS
Throw: R
Bat: R

High School Awards & Clubs:
First Team All Conference as a Freshman/Sophomore
Varsity Starter as Freshman/Sophomore
Best Offensive Player: Led team in singles, doubles, triples and 
Pasquale "Pat" Marinelli Memorial Award for Exemplary
Freshman Student Athlete with high GPA
Philadelphia Carpenter Cup: LF/CF

Some of my greatest achievements have been: first team All-Conference
as both a freshman and sophomore; being awarded as best offensive 
player for Archmere softball. Being the receipent of the Pasquale "Pat"
Marinelli Memorial Award, which is presented to the freshman who best
exemplifies the qualities of an Archmere Academy Student Athlete, who can
both manage playing a collection of sports, while maintaining a high GPA
throughout the school year. Also, I got the chance to play in the 
Philadelphia Carpenter Cup.

My academic goals for 2016/2017 include: achieving "A" in my classes,
especially my AP courses and maintaining  GPA of 4.0 and above. My goals
for athletics include: achieving a personal record time that qualifies
for the states meet for my high school cross country team; swimming
in the states meet and decreasing time on my 200 Freestyle event; trying
my best to help my high school softball team achieve a good record and
helping my travel softball team qualify and win games in the ASA 18U 
Nationals Tournament.

Personal info:
Phone: 302.588.3683

Parent Info:
Donald Phillips
Phone: 302.388.6947
Kristin Neumoyer
Phone: 302.743.7032